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Brushless motor

Super magnet permanent magnet motor, no core loss, the effective output efficiency of the motor is 90%; electronic commutation, fast response and high efficiency.

Intelligent control system

Highly integrated modular control system, combined with brushless motor, electronically controlled-oriented intelligent operation, to achieve higher speed and faster response speed.

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Smart Core

The brushless series is equipped with a higher level of electrical safety protection based on integrated modules. It is equipped with multiple protection functions such as soft start protection, overload protection, power failure and restart protection, and temperature control protection. It is safer and more assured to use.

Metal grinding

The speed drop of brushless is much lower than that of brushed products, so the speed of brushless in the grinding process is higher than that of brushed products, the grinding efficiency is effectively improved by 30%, and the use of consumables is saved by 20%

C2-110 stone cutting machine


C8-110 stone cutting machine


C10-110 stone cutting machine


BS2-100 belt machine


BS6-100 belt machine


About BODA

Zhejiang Boda Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang, the hardware capital of China. It has gradually developed into a comprehensive service provider of hardware and electrical machinery integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service. The company mainly focuses on electric tools, hardware and electromechanical, manual tools and accessories, and meets the market's one-stop procurement needs and its own large-scale development by providing a series of value-added services such as after-sales service and product training. Broad company in 1998 fully through the ISO9001 quality system certification, at the same time through the United States UL, Germany GS, European CE certification, and has the right to export.

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Established in 1992

2000 million

Registered capital

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