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1998 relocated to the new plant, is an early owner of the dormitory and canteen enterprises, for the company to

lay a good foundation for development.
The year by the backbone of the company, broad electrical appliances, profound company set up Zhejiang

Boda Electrical Group Industrial Co., Ltd. 
2000 the company realized from the manual assembly to a flow production line of large-scale transformation. Expansion of production scale, the products are sold to major provinces and cities in the region, become well-known

power tools production units.
In the same year, the company became a taxpayer for the first time
2002, the company's first tax dollars exceed tens of millions of yuan, become a tax hundred enterprises 
2004 founder Wu Mingting alone set up Zhejiang Boda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., the broad group of

three companies to separate the separation of business



1992 founder Wu Mingting carry forward the spirit of fighting, the founder of Yongkang Jiangnan power Tools factory, Wu Hall as the director, rented plant is located in Nanyuan Road 3 to 20 building.
1994 Plant relocation, rental plant is located in Yongkang double shares of the message, the factory

name renamed to Yongkang Boda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
1996 was awarded the Great Wall Industrial Park industrial land, began to build its own plant.



Based on a new starting point,

open a new situation



2006 the company took the lead through the ISO9001 Quality Management system certification, to carry out total quality

management, enterprise management to standardize the development of the road
2007 the company has obtained "China famous brand", "National exemption" honorary title, in Yongkang became the first

National Double Award Enterprises 2010 established Zhejiang Boda Industrial Co., Ltd., Wu Haodong as General manager,

in charge of the company's business development and strategy implementation.

The same year, access to national High-tech Enterprises 
2011 The pursuit of sustainable development of the company, general manager Wu Haodong put forward "efficient, innovative, mutual win, continuous" business philosophy. In the same year, Introduction of Excellence Performance management model 
2014 company through the "machine substitution" to achieve unprecedented production breakthrough,

sales by leaps and bounds.

2015- to present


2015, under the strategic guidance proposed by general manager Wu Haodong, reposition and establish company mission, vision and values