Development Planning of Forest Processing Industry

Development Planning of Forest Processing Industry

1. Introduction

Forest processing industry is one of the important economic pillars in China, which plays an important role in promoting local economic development, increasing employment rate and improving people's livelihood. With the continuous development of the global economy and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the forest processing industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. Therefore, it is very important to formulate a scientific and reasonable industrial development plan.

2. Objectives

1. Improve industrial competitiveness: through technological innovation, industrial upgrading and other means to improve the competitiveness of the forest processing industry.
2. Sustainable development: pay attention to the protection of ecological environment and realize the coordinated development of economy, society and ecology.
Increase added value: deepen product processing, increase product added value, and increase economic benefits.

3. development planning

1. Technological innovation: encourage enterprises to introduce advanced technology and improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions, research and development of new products, improve product added value.
2. Industrial upgrading: guide enterprises to develop in the direction of scale, intensification and standardization, and improve industrial concentration.
3. Cultivate leading enterprises: support enterprises with potential, cultivate leading enterprises, and play a leading role in demonstration.
Green development: Promote the concept of environmental protection, encourage enterprises to use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to achieve green production.
5. Expand market: strengthen market promotion, expand domestic and foreign markets, and increase market share.
6. Talent training: strengthen talent training, introduce high-quality talents, and improve the quality of industrial talents.

4. policy support

1. Financial support: increase financial investment to support technological innovation and industrial upgrading of enterprises.
2. Tax incentives: preferential tax policies are given to eligible forest processing enterprises.
3. Financial support: provide loans, financing and other financial services to support the development of enterprises.
4. Land policy: give priority to the protection of land demand for forest processing projects.
5. Information services: the establishment of information sharing platform, to provide market, technology and other information services.

5. epilogue

The development planning of forest processing industry is of great significance for promoting local economic development and improving people's livelihood. Through technological innovation, industrial upgrading, sustainable development and other measures, we will achieve high-quality industrial development and make greater contributions to local economic and social development.