The importance of forest processing machinery maintenance and its methods

The importance of forest processing machinery maintenance and its methods

Forest processing machinery is an indispensable key equipment for modern forestry production. In order to ensure its normal operation and prolong its service life, maintenance work is particularly important.

The Importance of 1. Maintenance

1. Improve mechanical performance: Through regular maintenance, we can ensure that the machinery is always in good running condition and improve its processing efficiency and accuracy.
2. Extend service life: Maintenance can effectively reduce mechanical wear, extend service life, and save the cost of replacing equipment.
3. Ensure safety: Good maintenance can find potential safety hazards in time and avoid safety accidents caused by mechanical failures.

2. maintenance method

1. Daily inspection: Before use every day, check whether the mechanical parts are fastened, whether the lubrication is good, and whether the hydraulic system is leaking.
2. regular replacement of lubricating oil: according to the mechanical use and oil condition, regular replacement of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and grease.
3. Cleaning work: regularly clean up the dust, impurities and dirt inside and outside the machine to keep the machine clean.
4. Regularly check the hydraulic system: check the pressure, flow and temperature of the hydraulic system to ensure the normal operation of the system.
5. Regularly check the electrical system: check the wiring, switches and motors of the electrical system to ensure the normal operation of electrical components.
Maintenance and replacement: For severely worn parts, they should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid the expansion of the fault.

3. considerations

1. Use the correct method: maintain according to the requirements of the mechanical instruction manual to avoid wrong operation.
2. Use the right tools: Use the right tools for maintenance to avoid mechanical damage caused by improper tools.
3. Keep professional: For some complicated maintenance work, it is recommended to operate by professionals.
Record maintenance: record the time, content and results of each maintenance in order to track the maintenance history of the machine.

In short, the maintenance of forest processing machinery is to ensure that the machinery is normal.